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Santa Teresa Cutoff and Bypass around Chihuahua

Note: The kilometer markers in the following table may be confusing at first. The numbering starts with 20 at the border and diminishes heading south, resets to 21 as Route 2 is crossed and the toll road is entered. And finally, as you leave the toll road, you enter a new set of numbering on Route 45.

ometer Marker
20 Border Crossing into Mexico open from 6 AM to 12 PM daily.   You need to to obtain both your tourist papers and vehicle papers here.
21 Intersection with Route 2. Continue straight onto toll road. A right turn heads towards Casas Grandes, left takes you to the outskirts of Cd. Juarez and an intersection with route 45 South, this way saves a toll but is longer and more time consuming than continuing straight.
29/331 Entrance of toll road from Santa Teresa onto route 45. (The 331 KM marker indicates the distance to Chihuahua.

278 Mexican Aduana (Customs), here your papers and vehicle may be checked. This station was closed "permanently" in December 2014 but could be reopened. An OXXO 24-hour convience store is here.

247 Villa Ahumada, two gas stations and lots of restaurants, and supplies, do not count on anything being open farther South, we suggest you fill up on gasoline here.

167 El Sueco Gas Station and Restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Various things can cause gasoline not to be available so do not count on it.

60 To avoid going into Chihuahua, turn right towards Namiquipa.

0 Start of road to Namiquipa.

16 Start beautiful, winding mountain road.

41 End of mountains.

51 Small Mennonite village of Ojo de Yegua, (Mare’s Spring) Turn Left, at the only paved road. Restaurants and general store at intersection. Gasoline is available during the day at a Mennonite gas station several kilometers ahead but "Never on Sunday".
50 You have entered the road to Obregon, (also known as Rubio) and the kilometer numbering begins anew. From here on to Obregon, pass only Mennonite Ocampos (villages, the name probably goes back to the arrival of the Mennonites from Canada in 1922, they had no homes so established camps on their arrival).

37 Ocampo 64B, one crossroad, a good mechanic is on the house to the left. Go right for a gas station and parts store about a block off the highway.
32 Ocampo 60. Gas station and general store on the right. This is one of out favorite stops, super clean restrooms and the sandwiches at the store have a slice of meat about 3/8 of an inch thick! “But Never on Sunday”, the rest of the week this complex is open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

2 Entering Obregon (Rubio).

0 Intersection with Chihuahua Route 28, go left 40 KM to intersection with Mexico Route 16, about 3 KM west of Cd. Cuauhtemoc.

Note: To follow this route towards the border, in Obregon, pass the town Plaza on the right, next pass a tall round, silver water tank, a block North of the tank is a stoplight with a large green overhead sign that points Right to Ojo de Yegua, this is where you want to go.

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